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  • Annette
  • Speedpro
  • Autocrib
  • Rock Bottom
  • Your Hr
  • I want it live
  • Paradigm Online
  • Together for chile
  • Inspiritu
  • Delta
  • Amclean

List of Potential Clients

  • Face 2 Face
  • Grow Op
  • Hadia
  • Photographer - referred by Sheldon
  • Interior Designer - referred by Tish
  • Naim Ali
  • Grant
  • Pamela Lab technologies
  • Business Karma.ca
  • Ironhorse Oil


  • Employee Grant
  • Shauna Quinn to do QA
  • Workshops at calgary tech
  • Business Link
  • IFRS


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  • Iraq Spammer
  Posted: Tuesday, September 21st, 9:37am 9 years ago

Thanks to DCBL we have no need to advertise anymore! All of our clients come from either word of mouth or online searches - with 90% of our new clients coming from the web. The content management also allows us to make last minute changes to our schedule and the ability to pay online this semester tripled our class attendance because it was all automated and I had no papers to loose or phone calls to return!! -Nadia Coates - Arabia Adorned Bellydance Academy