Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it usually take for an see the completed website?

From the moment we receive your contract to the moment we launch your website "live" on the internet usually takes 5- 6 weeks. We would start the project upon your approval and have a website up for you to see within 3- 4 weeks, it'll take us a couple more weeks to implement any changes you require and will have the site live on the internet 5-6 weeks from that start date. We often encourage our clients to go "live" as soon as the website is "presentable to the public" so that they can start earning their Search Engine Optimization points. Since all of our websites are editable by the business owner themselves through our Content Management system we encourage filling out the bulk of the content after the website has been launched again to benefit from SearchEngineOptimization. Don't worry though, we won't leave you stranded… we prefer to create long term investments with our clients and we will help you each step of the way - even after your website has been launched.

Q: What's the difference between a web developer and a web designer?

At Evolve, we like to consider ourselves web developers, because we don't just provide you with a pretty face to your website, we actually specialize in providing you with all the brains behind it The software that runs our website packages is all developed in house. We then have key graphics people that we use depending on the nature of the project. We create a custom look for each client and ensure that we communicate the essence of their business online and that their business branding is reflected in the website. Some projects require a more technical look, others require a more artsy look. We only work with the best people in the industry so that we can honour our clients and our "90 Day Customer Guarantee."

Q: Will you make a website that looks like my business cards?

We think it's extremely important to have consistent branding and encourage all of our clients to pick a few colours and stick to them as much as possible. If you have a logo great we can add that too or we can help you come up with something that suits your business. We meet with each client and discuss their preferences, and find out if they prefer a cleaner look, a more artsy look, a technical look - often it will depend on the type of client they service. We then have key graphics people that we use depending on the nature of the project. We create a custom look for each client and ensure that their business branding is reflected within the website.

Q: What program do you use for your Content Management?

Our Content Management is based on a Wiki Platform, which means that it will be very similar to what Wikipedia uses. When we went looking for a secure, cost effective and customizable platform to use, we figured that with 91, 000 active contributors, Wikipedia must be doing something right!

Q: Do we have the option to add/delete/modify the content at any time without your involvement?

Yes, Yes and Yes! All of our websites are able to be completely Content Managed by our clients. At Evolve we believe that our clients are best served by being able to edit their websites as much and as often as possible, keeping them ahead of their competitors by offering their clients the latest information on their products and company. From the text on the front page, to the automatic emails sent out in newsletter sign-ups, to changing pictures, to adding products or events, you're completely in control of YOUR business.

Q: How many times do we need to meet for each stage of the website?

One of our company mandates is to be as efficient as possible. We only hold meeting when absolutely necessary (like when there are several people who need to see what's happening at once, ie. website review & training) and otherwise ask our clients to email us the information we need. The most critical meetings will be the first meeting where we gather information, from there we present you with some design options and some ideas about how the website should be layed out and once we have your approval, we start working on the website. Your beta-website will soon be ready and we get together once more to discuss any major changes or improvements. You email us the content you'd like to add. Once these changes are completed we launch the website and get together once again for a final review. And finally, we get together once more for a training session on how to maximize your use of the Content Management System and to answer any questions. So how many times was that??? About 3 or 4 meetings - don't worry we'll bring the doughnuts, they go by so fast, you'll soon be sad that we're not meeting anymore! Ongoing support is conducted over the phone or by email.

Q: Is there any training for our staff?

Yes, we LOVE to teach, and we will sit down with as many people as you want present to show them how to best use the Content Management System, e-mail newsletter, event manager, how to add pictures in the image gallery and even how to write blogs. We can even give suggestions on some topics you might write about! We hold your hand every step of the way because if you're successful that means that we're successful too!

Q: Technology Stack?

Node, Express, Redis, MySQL.